Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer training plan

This summer is going to busy a busy training summer for me.  I going to continue with my strength training, and distance running that I have been doing.  Since I am looking to do the full 26.2 mile P.F Chang's Rock 'n' Roll marathon in mid January.  I am also going to be adding as much trail and/or mountain running in that I can, because I am training to do the Spartan Beast in late October.  It is the last of the three races that I need to complete the Trifecta, which is the special status of doing all three of the race in one year.  It will live up to its name, because it is 12+ miles of tough running and 25+ obstacles that will challenge me.  I do know of at least of 20+ of them between the two races, but it is the 5+ unknown ones that will be the challenge.

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