Monday, August 5, 2013

Plank challenge

On Saturday I started a Plank challenge that was posted on Facebook:

It was to start with a 20 second Plank and work up to a 5 minute Plank in 30 days.  A few of us have added a challenge to it to see if we can take it a step further.

The standard Plank we are doing is holding the top or high end of a push-up for the set time.

Our challenge Plank is holding the bottom end of the push-up without touching the ground for at least the set time.
  So far here is my info on it:

Saturday:  Standard Plank  20 sec / Challenge Plank 30 sec
Sunday:    Standard Plank  20 sec / Challenge Plank 52 sec
Monday:   Standard Plank  30 sec / Challenge Plank 60 sec


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