Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Girl Friend's Thrive Experience By Le-Vel

     When my girlfriend has her monthly visitor, she lays in bed and hardly moved for at least the first day. She has little to no energy.  Her lower back hurt her horribly.  Its her day 3 on Thrive by Le-Vel and has chance would have it, day 3 of her nice little visit.  She got up with me and cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, without being asked. She has more energy and is not in pain.  She is a lot less crabby too. 

  I hate that she smokes. It stinks and its so bad for her.  Since she has been on Thrive by Le-Vel, when she smokes it gives her a head ache.  She used to "have" to smoke to "cure" her head aches. So she has stopped smoking !!!!  

  My girlfriend hates spending money and wasn't super sure about this product, but wanted to try, because she is always looking for a new way to get lots of vitamins and healthy stuff.  I believe this was the best $200 she has ever spent. It has been a life changing product for her.

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