Monday, February 29, 2016


I completed this year's Spartan race in 2 hour 46 minutes and stuck the spear throw for the first time!  YEAH!  AROO!!!  The kids completed each of theirs also.

I was wiped after mine, but still enjoyed it and liked the new obstacles this year.  The bucket barrage was the killer for me this year.  Its one you must complete to continue on.  For it as a guy, you must fill a 5 gallon buck almost to the top with gravel and carry it by hugging it for 1/4 mile without losing too much of the gravel.  Its hard if you haven't been doing the training, which was my down fall.  This coming year I really need to get back into my training and balance it with the rest of my life, because this race is a major favorite thing of mine and wish I could do more of them during the year!

Here are my status directly copied of and a picture of me after finishing along with the course map.  More pictures to come as I am able to gather them together, but not as many as in past years.


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