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     I started running in mid January 2012 to lose the weight I had gained after the separation from my wife.  I found someone that was looking for a workout partner and she introduced me to Erik Laifer of Life Recovery Fitness “Get Your Life Back”.  While I workout once a week with him for strength training and following his nutritional advice, I am also running 4 to 5 times a week.  I slowly started losing weight and feeling better.  As a challenge to myself I entered the 8th Annual Pat’s Run with a surprising finishing time of 41:34.  I really enjoyed being out running with everyone and the feeling of accomplishment after the race.  The first part of 2013 I found that I really also enjoy the challenge of the obstacle racing, especially the Spartan Races.  By the end of 2013 I did complete both a Spartan Super and Beast race to earn the Spartan Trifecta.  So far here in 2014 I have completed the Spartan Sprint here in Arizona and looking to earn the Spartan Trifecta again this year.  As part of my training I wanted to do more races, but noticed that the running racing season was basically over, because of the summer heat here in Phoenix, Arizona.  I did find a few night races, but each time I got close to paying for it something would come up with my kids that I had to use my race money for them instead.

     My two wonderful kids are very accepting and supportive of my running, and they even join in from time to time.  They enjoy being my weights during some of the workouts with me.

     In the past year I have found out that my knee caps track (slide) to the outside of the knee. Which have several possible causes, but it isn’t stopping me from continuing to run and staying healthy.  I have gotten rid of the minor pain and discomfort by getting some awesome running shoes and using Kinesiology tape for support and stabilization of my knee caps.

     With the new race season starting up, and noticing how quickly all the entry fees add up.  I will not be able to do many races without help.  So, I am asking for you to help me by sponsoring my entire race or just donating a portion of the entry fee.  I am currently training toward two main races this year, but I am willing to do any of the lesser races before and after them.  Those races are the Spartan Super, Spartan Beast and the PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon.  I am willing to show your support on my race shirt for each race you help with, or if you would rather stay behind the scenes and donate towards supplies and training, which would be helpful also.  I have found that I like and use Newton Distance & MV2 running shoes and Inov-8Trailroc 255 trail shoes.  For my knees I use KT Tape to provide support. I got the two above products from Sole Sports Running Zone Scottsdale, which has a friendly and helpful staff. The best and only protein powder mix I use is from Life Recovery Wellness “Get Your Life Back”.

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